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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Langkawi adventure 3

First and foremost, how to get to langkawi from kl??

Firstly, you shall take a train from Sentral KL to Alor setar which is around rm46.00 for a bed economic cabin.
It is very clean and airy and comfortable.  Ng yih miin and his friend Inge took the night train which is most recommended in the way that you will not waste the daylight time which you can use to go for sightseeing!

some mosquitoes bit her.... got no idea y didnt bite me... coz i smell like local malaysian??? lol in the 2nd class cabin

As ng yih miin reached in Alor setar, it was dawn about 6.30 am after approximate  6 hours trip by train.
From there, ng yih miin took a cab (car pool with other passenger) as most ppl stopping at Arau or Alor Star is heading to Langkawi as well!!!! this will be cheaper... a trip there will cost u approximate rm18 to rm20. Dont forget to ask question to the taxi driver of interesting places and cheap lodging available!!

Then, ng yih miin and inge took a ferry which cost for rm 23.00

Have look at this website to get more information!
And online booking for KTM at

That's all for now! Cya

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