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Sunday, March 11, 2012

I Love Food, Don't You, In Melaka with Bryan Ng Yih Miin

"A round man cannot be expected to fit in a square hole right away. He must have time to modify his shape."
-Mark Twain-

Hello hello yet again people! So here am I, Bryan Ng Yih Miin on my quest to find food again. Yay! Read the quote from Mark Twain above. Something different eh? It's true what it says there. We need time to adapt. To be accepted for who we are. Or in any case, different people need various amount of time to adapt to one's situation. How about you? Have you ever thought of how long did it take you to adapt to your school life, college life or work place? It's always good to be able to adapt in a particular place for a short period of time, so less culture shock or whatsoever. Right? Well, I believe many of you out there, struggles with so many things as you grow older and as time passes by. It's the same for Bryan Ng Yih Miin as well. Life ain't easy. Life ain't a bed of rose. But one can make his life better by staying positive, be close to God and have friends! Friends, I believe strongly, are important. Whether to just help you out with things or just to share your feelings to them. But of course, you must know you limit. True friends will stay with you forever and will even take a bullet for you, or "Catch a grenade for you....", right? SO,back to TIME.. It's precious.

::"It is my feeling that Time ripens all things; with Time all things are revealed; Time is the father of truth."::

And Albert Einstein said this before,

"The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once."

So, manage your time well folks. Now, here's something for you all out there:

So! Anyone can blog huh? :)

Now, this time Bryan Ng Yih Miin is bringing you back to a historical state, Melaka!! Weee!! But this time Bryan is going to share on Nyonya food (wahh..I'm so hungry -Adel-). Famous Nyonya Restaurant in Melaka Raya..

Restaurant Nyonya Makko

I'm sure you will be able to know where this restaurant is situated :)

First, drinks! Well, Bryan Ng and Adel ordered just plain Chinese tea, which is good for the body.
They gave some chips a.k.a keropok as well. And Bryan and Adel saw many huge packets of keropok on the shelf and we felt like bringing some back! LOL! So kerlian(pitiful) like that..

Now, back to basics! Some information on the founder of this restaurant as well as about Bibik Nyong's recipe..

Few pages of the Menu :)

Slurrrrppppp!!!! Oh yeah oh yeah! Food!! This delicious and mouth-watering Chicken Curry Debal brings a new taste to the beholders mouth! Yummilicious! Bryan and Adel likes it very much as compared to other food they ordered. It brings a special taste that Bryan Ng Yih Miin couldn't figure out what is it, or what is the ingredient. You know lah, sometimes when we eat some food, we will automatically know what taste and what ingredient the cook used, right? So,yeah, do try it. It's pretty right? It tastes Good as well. Do try. Highly recommended! :)
Curry Debal

Okkayy..I'm officially hungry now.. This Tauhu Minced Chicken made Adel hungry, although, it doesn't taste any special or super good, but hey, when you are hungry, don't you crave for EVERYTHING??! =) This tastes like normal tauhu minced chicken anywhere you can find outside or even make yourself. But hey, why not try. It may be you liking! :)

All in all, the food here, tastes normal, except for the Curry Debal. Well, folks, do try out some other food, as it may be nicer than what Bryan Ng Yih Miin and Adel ordered. You'll never know. Up above is the environment of the restaurant. It warms us up as we look at the place, how it was decorated and maintained. It's such a nice feeling, the feeling like your great great grandmother or ancestor was here :)


Something is missing!!!! Yes, something really is.. Do you guys know what is it? Ermmm... Think tank..

AHA, my vege is missing. Oh I hate when the pic is already nicely done and I lost the pic. Now I have to re-edit, which doesn't look as nice as before. Don't you guys just hate it when that happens?
:( Anyways, here is my vege! :)

Aha, my ladys finger.. Although I don't quite like the sambal. But overall, quite nice. Or folks, go choose something else for vege :) But it's green, so Go Go Green! Haha, lame right? We should be excited about food or talking about food. Oh gee, I'm super hungry. Oh, how much Bryan Ng Yih Miin likes food! And Adel too as well, just careful not to be too fat yeah! Kekekee.. :)

Anyways peeps, Bryan Ng Yih Miin and Adel will be signing off soon! Till the next journey of finding great food in the world. Do keep in tune! Here is something for you ol' =)

=) See you folks!

Restoran Nyonya Makko (JM071409)

ADDRESS: No. 123, Taman Melaka Raya, 75000 Melaka, Melaka