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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Top 8 Must Eat Melaka Food

Hi again, today Ng Yih Miin and Adele will be introducing to you the Top 10 Melaka Food.

1. Nadeje at Mahkota Parade (press at the link to go to the page)
This is one of the Ng Yih Miin's all time favourite cafe for layer cake. Ng Yih Miin believes there are many other fan of Nadeje will definitely agree that this is one of the must eat venues.

2.Chung Wah Chicken Rice
The long line of waiting just to taste the chicken rice ball of Chung Wah. Ng Yih Miin loves this shop but hardly will have the patience to wait in the long queue.

3.Satay Celup at Ban Lee Hsiang

Satay celup of Melaka is a must eat cuisine. There are aplenty of shops in Melaka offering this food but there are only 2 shops in Melaka is comparable to the true taste of it. It is either Capitol Satay Celup and Ban Lee Hsiang. Personally, Ng Yih Miin prefers Ban Lee Hsiang as the queue is lesser and the price is much more affordable without compromising the taste of the food.

4.Duck Noodle at Bukit Beruang
This is undebatable best duck noodle you can ever find even in Malaysia. Many came all the way from Singapore over the weekend just to eat the duck noodle. No doubt, this is Ng Yih Miin's all time favourite lunch venue.

5. Best Durian Cendol at Jeta Groove, Melaka Raya
This place is found by accident. The Durian Cendol in this shop is so good that it blasted the mind of Ng Yih Miin every time he tries it. Surprising finding in a shop that looks so ordinary.

6. Oyster Omelet near Jalan Bunga Raya
Ng Yih Miin loves the Oyster Omelet or O Chien of this shop. Perhaps, it should be considered the best in Melaka in after 4 years Ng Yih Miin stayed in Melaka.

7.Portugese Food at Chef Anthony
If you visit Melaka and wanted to try authentic Portugese Food but they are all cutting throat price, don't worry, visit Chef Anthony recommended by Ng Yih Miin.

8.Donald & Lily Nyonya Food
This is one hell of a great Nyonya food at reasonable price unlike most of other Nyonya restaurant this restaurant provides fine Nyonya food especially for their Cendol and Asam Fish. Ng Yih Miin will definitely recommend people to try this place.

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