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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Andrew's Kampung Restaurant, Batu Ferringhi with Bryan Ng Yih Miin and Adele

Andrew's Kampung Restaurant at 2nd floor of Eden Parade
Sizz Sizzz Sizzling...
Sizzling prawns (like Char Kuey Teow)

Thai Chilli Fish
Sate and Pandan Chicken
Oyster omelette
Mantis prawns
Kangkong Belacan
Indonesian Squid
Dim Sum (One piece for one person)
Clamps in Ginger Soup (Nyummz)

Brocolli in Oyster sauce
Black pepper venison (Nyummz)
Black Pepper Crab

Almost ALL of the tables are people from foreign countries! Everyone seemed to have came here before! :)

Andrew's Kampung Restaurant, Batu Ferringhi

Rating for the food : 8.5 to 9 / 10

1. Portion Rating : 9/10, the food come in amounts just enough per
                                     person. That means, they will cook a small
                                     portion for you to taste each of the food you
                                     ordered. A very smart way so to not waste
                                     food and at the same time also able to get a
                                     taste of different kinds of food!
2. Quality of Food : 8.5 - 9/10, the sizzling prawn tastes more like Char
                                             Kuey Teow type, hence, just tastes kind
                                             of normal, but the prawn is big and
                                             succulent! Apart from that, all other food
                                             we tried is fantastic! They even have ice-
                                             creams! You can take as much as you
                                             want, as long as you don't waste the food!
3. Price : 9/10, RM23.90 per person for this buffet, and what you ordered,
                        they will specially cook for you! It's that simple!However,
                        this price excludes the drinks. But, how much can a drink
                        costs right? Less than RM5 even! Chinese tea for two
                        person(teapot) costs RM3. They also have Tiger beer
                        available there!
4. Environment : 9/10, comfy, like in one's home. No excessively-bright
                                  lightings, no dirty floors, it's just relaxing there plus
                                  on each of the chairs, there is a pillow for you to
                                  sit on or lie on, for more comfy seating. Plus, you
                                  can sit outside,where it is like a balcony. Decors are
                                  definitely hand-made! :)

- Tilapia Ginger Sauce
- Rendang Beef
- Garlic Chicken
- Etc ( Look at the menu)

411, Batu Ferringhi,
11100 Pulau Pinang.

Telephone Number : 04 - 881 1688 or 012 - 408 4091

Business hours : 1830 - 2300 hours

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On the second floor of Eden Parade

*ANY leftover or wasted food will be charged*