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Monday, November 28, 2011

Up, up and away trip to Cameron Highlands Part III with Ng Yih Miin and Adele..

Hey peeps, Ng Yih Miin’s back with something good for you to know especially as this festive season (Christmas) is nearing really soon.. Well well well, what is the first thing that comes to ur mind when the word ‘Christmas’ is heard? Shopping? Presents? Santa Clause? Thanksgiving? Holidays? Movies? Sleeping time? Or simply, Jesus? Hmm, Arthur Christmas is coming out soon, for those of you who didn’t know that yet.. And, hmm, yes, December is just exactly 27 days to go!! Woohoo!! Well, it’s not long, in fact, it’s coming real soon.. So get your gifts and turkey all set for family gathering then! BUT……hmm, where should you go, if not stay back and relax at home? Well, Bryan Ng Yih Miin has the idea!

Now guess where we are...... YTL Cameron Highlands Resort!!

Doesn't this give u the feeling of Christmassy?

It is really an awesome place which awesomely-strucked Bryan Ng Yih Miin, Adele and friends! Even before Christmas, the deco is already themed up on Christmas-kinda-feeling.. For Ng Yih Miin, it is a wonderful feeling being there especially at night as the lights are lighted up around the branches of the trees (as you can see in the pic). It's really SOMETHING!! In fact, the lights itself made tired-Bryan Ng Yih Miin and friends excited and awake hence, they decided to stop by at the roadside to take a few photos for memories :) Little did we know, many of the tourists and other Malaysians too were taking photos during that night.

Situated in Tanah Rata, it is also a breathtaking scenery, surrounded by lush greenery, rolling hills as well as Tudor-styled cottages. They provide Deluxe Room, Junio
r Suite, Two-Bedroom Suite as well as Cameron & Jim Thompson Suite.. Not forgetting,it also caters for people who are there for business trips as they provide conference and meeting rooms :) Awesome eh?

There are also Guest room amenities and services, private dining experiences, resort facilities such as gym, snooker, reading room, spa village.. Even when Bryan Ng Yih Miin and friends just stood by outside the resort, it made them feel like not going back and just lie on the floor. It was indeed a great and absolutely awesome place to stay though it may be quite costly.. but hey, sometimes u have to give a little bit more to enjoy, no? :)

Well, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and be on your journey already! Bring your friends and family there and have a good and relaxing time o'er there during this festive season!! :) Cheers, till the next time.. :D

Monday, November 21, 2011

Awesome scones @ The Lord's Cafe, Cameron with Bryan Ng Yih Miin and Adele

The Lord's Cafe, Tanah Rata, Pahang  
with Bryan Ng Yih Miin and Adele!

Chamomile tea, sugar free, add sugar as you lik

Delicious scones and cakes and chicken pie

Apple pie (real pie stuffed inside)

Orange juice

Awesome Moist Strawberry Cheese Cake - RM 6+

BEST scone ever for only RM 2+, real cheap, plus strawberry jam!

Chicken pie, fantastic to eat while hot, RM 3.50 only!

The Lord's Cafe, Tanah Rata, Pahang

Rating for Cake : 8/10
Rating for Scone : 9/10
Rating for Chicken Pie : 8.5 - 9/10

1. Porting Rating : 8/10, it's just in the right amount, not too big and
                                          not too small.
2. Quality of Food : 8 - 9/10, overall all the pastries tastes awesomely
                                                 good. The scone is best eaten with
                                                 the strawberry jam while the chicken pie
                                                 is best eaten hot!
3. Price : 8/10, reasonable price since the pastries here tastes 
                          incredibly awesome!
4. Environment : 8.5/10, clean, neat and have a nice view outside 
                                          looking towards the Terminal Freesia.

Business Hours : Mon - Fri (10am - 9pm)
                               Sat (10am - 6pm)
                               Sun (OFF)

No. 4,
1st Floor,
Main Road,
39000 Cameron Highlands
(Opposite Terminal Freesia, next to Marrybrown)

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Up, up and away trip to Cameron Highlands Part 1

Cameron Highlands PART I
Bryan Ng Yih Miin and friends went to a place where most of us would have definitely been there, seen it, stay there.. No? Well, here’s something about the trip they went to during their break J
After long hours of journey from Kuala Lumpur, they finally reached their destination! 

And next, to the must-need place..

One of Bryan Ng Yih Miin's neighbours staying in Eight Mentigi Guest House in Tanah Rata.. A cosy and homely place to stay!
                                                   A good place to study while vacation-ing! :)
And it's really REALLY cheap here as compared to other hotels u can find in Cameron.. Plus, its cosy like home too.. Nothing feels better than staying close to home :)

Till the next post....:)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dessert with Ng Yih Miin

Mille Crepe layered cake in Nadeje Cake House in Plaza Mahkota. An awesome way to end the meal! U can eat layer by layer from the top to experience more “yumminess” !! there are also plenty of other flavours available:
Chocolate banana Mille Crepe, Strawberry slice, Tiramisu Crepe, fruit tart cake, etc.

Mille Crepe layered cake! Yyummilicious cake! :D

Soon after dinner and dessert, Bryan Ng Yih Miin went to explore more about Melaka by going up into Menara Taming Sari to be able to view Melaka at night. It is an exciting thing to do if u have not been up higher than rooftops! J Bryan Ng Yih Miin is able to see how the real structure of Mahkota Parade from the top. It is actually round/circular at the centre court.

That’s about all for now. More great things which will WOW you to come.

Ban Lee Siang,Melaka with Bryan Ng Yih Miin & Adele

Ban Lee Siang, Melaka (Satay Celup)

Don't enter the wrong one, next to it, the signboard is WHITE colour.

Fridge containing all the food - self service

No worries, there's vegetables too

The peanut-rich sauce and orange juice

There's even star headed fishballs :D

Folded vegetable

Ban Lee Siang, Melaka

*Enter the Ban Lee Siang Restaurant on the LEFT with a white colour board, NOT the one next to it, which bears the same name but different owner & different quality*

Rating for the peanut sauce : 9/10

1) Portion Rating : Unlimited, based on number of sticks u would have.
2) Quality Of Food : 9/10, the most awesome peanut(sate) sauce u can ever
                                           taste. It's super rich in peanuts, a little spicy.
3) Price : 8/10, not very pricey, RM0.60 per stick.
4) Environment : 7/10, clean, yet there are many tables set up(including tables
                                     hidden behind the restaurant.

What Else?
-quail eggs

Contact Number : 06 - 2841935 or 012 - 6515322

45-E Jalan Ong Kim Wee
75300 Malacca.
(On Jalan Hang Tuah, after Shell Petrol Station, turn left into Jalan Ong Kim Wee, go straight until before the traffic light, on the LEFT hand side)

*There are many restaurants using almost the same name at the area. Make sure it is the right one, it's a hell lot of differences*

Google Map-Press Here 

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Ng Yih Miin: Attractions in Langkawi 1

Hi again,

This time around Ng Yih Miin will show you all the interesting places that Ng Yih Miin had visited in Langkawi.

Langkawi is a great place for sightseeing as you can find all different types of nature elements such as mountains, river, waterfall as well as beach as everyone knows.
The first place that Ng Yih Miin will introduce is the Langkawi Cable Car.
Ng Yih Miin and his friends went to this place via the scooter provided in the Rainbow Lodge they were staying.
The Oriental Village near Pantai Kok is where we enter the road heading towards the cable car. It is upper northwest of the island. The cable car took Ng Yih Miin and his friends up to the Mount Mat Cincang which is the second highest summit of Langkawi.

It is very refreshing at the top and you could see almost every part of the island especially the beautiful sea and the contour of the island.

 This is the hanging bridge you can find at the top which the scenery is spectacular. Ng Yih Miin and friendz stayed there for quite sometimes before we proceed to the other part of the peak.

That is all for now. Ng Yih Miin will continue other attractions another time

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

ng yih miin favourite motel : Rainbow lodge

In langkawi, ng yih miin came to this very beautiful backpacker lodge named Rainbow Lodge.
It is located in Pantai Chenang.

It is a simple and clean hostel where you can find both dorm and individual rooms.
Rate per night is also very affordable. It was about rm 15.00 per night for a dorm bed.

Log on to the official website of Rainbow Lodge.

Office Contact Details
Contact Person Addy
Phone 04-955-8103(Lodge), 012-5136103

Honestly, Ng Yih Miin found the dorm way nicer than staying alone as you get to know most of your dorm mates.

What else Ng Yih Miin likes about the hostel?
They have a very close knitted group of ppl especially with the lil louge we have there, it is a great ambience to know people around and get to have some pool game as well as internet access... free wifi especially is great.

In addition, is located pretty nearby to the shops around which is very convenient and best thing of all, it is located at the heart of Pantai Chenang where it was just about 5 minutes walk to the beach.

It is not too crowdy in the dorm and the staffs are very very friendly.
Just love it so much.

That is the fun and the tips for most traveler, it would be great to find company along your journey, male or female, Like bryan he found a group of friends as you can see below...

Alot of times , you meet people from different region around the world. This is the time when you get to know more about other people as well as get to know where else is nice that they have been to.
Most of the time, Ng Yih Miin found that these backpackers really kind and they love to spend time together.

Ng Yih Miin really loves and learnt alot from the days in Langkawi. It is a great experience to be shared further in next post.

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ng yih Miin's Adventure 2:The beach in Pantai Chenang

NG YIH MIIN is back..... these are the few photos of the beach in Pantai Chenang which I would like to share with you all...

The beach in Pantai Chenang was one of beautiful beaches you can find. There are so many different type of watersports provided there such as water ski , banana boat and many more.

They are all provided for a minimal charge of Rm100 for a water ski for approximately 45 minutes or so.

It was amazing. Look at the photos below, where Ng Yih Miin after trying the water ski. too bad Ng Yih Miin got no other photos of him in Action.

another photo will be at sunset! below!!!!
It was the most amazing scenery of sunset that Ng Yih Miin had ever experience. Can you see the color contrast? this is no prank or result of photo shop... is purely from Ng Yih Miin's camera.
Never miss a sunset in Langkawi.
Most of the time , Ng Yih Miin will just strolled or sit at the beach with his buddies as you can see the next few photos!!!

Above are the buddies of Ng Yih Miin consists of Australians, English and a French lady who reside in Australia. Ng Yih Miin did enjoy alot during those days with the cheap liquor on the island, there is nothing better than a sunset on Pulau Langkawi!

The girl standing on the right is one of ng yih miin's buddies, Fiona from Australia...... staying in  the same dorm in Rainbow Lodge.

No doubt it is the greatest memories on the paradise that ng yih miin had ever gotten in years.

Many more photos to come !!!!!
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Langkawi adventure 3

First and foremost, how to get to langkawi from kl??

Firstly, you shall take a train from Sentral KL to Alor setar which is around rm46.00 for a bed economic cabin.
It is very clean and airy and comfortable.  Ng yih miin and his friend Inge took the night train which is most recommended in the way that you will not waste the daylight time which you can use to go for sightseeing!

some mosquitoes bit her.... got no idea y didnt bite me... coz i smell like local malaysian??? lol in the 2nd class cabin

As ng yih miin reached in Alor setar, it was dawn about 6.30 am after approximate  6 hours trip by train.
From there, ng yih miin took a cab (car pool with other passenger) as most ppl stopping at Arau or Alor Star is heading to Langkawi as well!!!! this will be cheaper... a trip there will cost u approximate rm18 to rm20. Dont forget to ask question to the taxi driver of interesting places and cheap lodging available!!

Then, ng yih miin and inge took a ferry which cost for rm 23.00

Have look at this website to get more information!
And online booking for KTM at

That's all for now! Cya

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Warehouse SALES!!!!! For Samsung, HTC and Blackberry loverssss

Ng yih miin spotted a great deal for phones at cheap price as below.... have a look!!!

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Ng yih miin and frenzzzzzz Adventure in Langkawi continues !

 This is my buddies that stayed together in the Rainbow Lodge!

   It was my pleasure to have met from the left Inge Seger, A german guy, then ME, NG YIH MIIN, simon phang and Lauranza Harvey.
We rode on the motorbike around the island. It was NG YIH MIIN's first time riding on motorbike in his twenty years life, it was fun although five minutes out of the lodge , guess what happeneD???? AMUSING see below
Ng yih miin crashed his motorbike into the restaurant hahahahahah

Friday, November 4, 2011

Langkawi : Bryan Ng Yih Miin And Frenz

A few months ago

Bryan Ng Yih Miin and Inge from Denmark embarked on a great journey to Langkawi Island in Malaysia

for the very first time in their lifetime. Inge's a great acquaintance and buddy. 

It is a very simple trip. On the first day, Bryan Ng Yih Miin and Inge took a long haul train from Sentral Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Perlis 

which took approximately 8 hours and it was a night train. 

The condition of the train of the 2nd class cabin was surprising good, airy and clean.

After reaching in Perlis, Bryan Ng Yih Miin took a ferry which was approximately an hour to Langkawi Island. 

The scenery there was spectacular and it was Bryan Ng Yih Miin first time to the beautiful Island.
Important map of langkawi island that Bryan Ng Yih Miin printed out in a rush day before the trip. It is very useful.

It was so great that Bryan Ng Yih Miin met a couple from France. They are old but they are very nice people. 

Although they barely speak English, the old french lady is absolutely friendly. 

Once all of us reach the island, we took a taxi to our motel- Rainbow Lodge in Pantai Chenang.

More stories will come about in the next blog.

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