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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ng yih Miin's Adventure 2:The beach in Pantai Chenang

NG YIH MIIN is back..... these are the few photos of the beach in Pantai Chenang which I would like to share with you all...

The beach in Pantai Chenang was one of beautiful beaches you can find. There are so many different type of watersports provided there such as water ski , banana boat and many more.

They are all provided for a minimal charge of Rm100 for a water ski for approximately 45 minutes or so.

It was amazing. Look at the photos below, where Ng Yih Miin after trying the water ski. too bad Ng Yih Miin got no other photos of him in Action.

another photo will be at sunset! below!!!!
It was the most amazing scenery of sunset that Ng Yih Miin had ever experience. Can you see the color contrast? this is no prank or result of photo shop... is purely from Ng Yih Miin's camera.
Never miss a sunset in Langkawi.
Most of the time , Ng Yih Miin will just strolled or sit at the beach with his buddies as you can see the next few photos!!!

Above are the buddies of Ng Yih Miin consists of Australians, English and a French lady who reside in Australia. Ng Yih Miin did enjoy alot during those days with the cheap liquor on the island, there is nothing better than a sunset on Pulau Langkawi!

The girl standing on the right is one of ng yih miin's buddies, Fiona from Australia...... staying in  the same dorm in Rainbow Lodge.

No doubt it is the greatest memories on the paradise that ng yih miin had ever gotten in years.

Many more photos to come !!!!!
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