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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bryan Ng Yih Miin at Pakka Steamboat, Section 17 PJ with Adele

Hello! Bryan Ng Yih Miin and Adele are bringing you to the food located on the same row as Jackson Restaurant, in Seksyen 17/38. 

And now to the food part!!
Guess where will Bryan Ng Yih Miin introduce you to? Heh heh.. 

Bryan Ng Yih Miin : Welcome welcome and may I introduce you all out there with Pakka Steamboat Restaurant?
Pakka Restaurant in Seksyen 17

Menu (RM14.80 per pax)

Sambal and chili provided

Steamboat pot, HOT AHHH...

Green vege (I'm a rabbit)

Here is the raw food! Roar!

Fav noodle!!

Rating of the Steamboat : 6/10


  1. Portion rating :  7/10 - the  portion is relatively large
  2. Quality of the food : 7/10  - the prawns and the fish ball are relatively fresh and is not too bad. However, the Tomyam is not so-so ( rating 4/10) - as it is not spicy enough and do not have the OOOHM if u know what i mean ( flavour is not strong or enough of frangrant)
  3. Price : 8/10  - it  is only Rm 14.90 for each person for the relatively large portion. At least for a big guy like Bryan Ng Yih Miin, it is sufficient and satiated.
  4. Environment of the place : 7/10 ( relatively clean and hygienic and brightly lit up but  is not much of an ambience except is airy with Airconditioned.)
What is provided? 
  • crab ball,
  •  fish ball
  • meat ball, 
  • prawns
  • tauhu
  • vegetables
  • eggs
  • yee mee
  • peaces of chicken meat
  • other than above , anything extra have to be added with extra cost.

This shop is currently located in Seksyen 17 in Petaling Jaya(PJ), for those of you who didn't know. RM14.80 per pax, means at least a steamboat for two(2) persons!! Excluding drinks, can be chinese tea or herbal tea, which is of the normal price.. It's very affordable and yummilicious. Bryan Ng Yih Miin and Adele decided to visit this shop, and tried the food, ended up being full!

There are corn/chicken soup, tomyam soup or solely chicken soup. Can choose between two flavours :P Nice. Given two eggs, and you can add on anything else you want, but need to pay a lil extra for them.

Well, common la right? :) Do try it, Bryan Ng Yih Miin and Adele would recommend you to go there but however, the yee mee is kinda thin so dun really have that feeling, but all in all, the rating would be about 6 out of 10 or so. It differs from  our taste buds :P Anyways, pay a trip there and find out yourself! Why not? It's food anyways :P

The direction
The directions from Shell in 17/22 go straight and turn right at the second left turning into jln 17/31. Then, go straight all the way till u reach the 5th turning on ur left into jln 17/38.

Google map link as below:

Update this food bloggie soon yeah peeps! Have a great week and remember to wish your mom a very happy mother's day! Bring them out for dinner too, if possible. :) Bryan Ng Yih Miin and Adele is on a trip to finding food again! Sayonara till next time :) God bless people!