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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Bryan Ng Yih Miin and Adel Melaka Food Trip 3.0 - Cendol and Tai Bak

This time around, Bryan Ng Yih Miin and Adel are going introduce you to Cendol and Tai Bak at Auntie Koh's stall in Bukit Rambai. It is considerably far away from the city centre. We have heard so much about Auntie Koh's Cendol that I could resist myself to drive all the way from KL to try this.

We reached the place at around 11:30 am and there were already lot of people at the stall. Unfortunately for us, a Bus full of Singaporeans had just reached at the place minutes before us. Normally, the stall will be open starting at 12.00 noon but to be safe, you should come half an hour early to ensure no disappointment.

Cendol at auntie koh

Cendol : RM 2.50 for small
            RM3.50 for large

tai bak at auntie koh
Tai Bak

The service was relatively fast despite of the long queue. The Cendol is spectacular and unique at the same time as it differ from normal Cendol in Melaka where Auntie Koh's Cendol emphasises at the stronger taste of Santan. The lesser taste of Gula Melaka blends just nice with the Santan. The Santan is the key this time around because it was really fresh and not too bland. Whereas the Gula Melaka was smooth and just nice, isn't too sweet. Honestly, after 4 years staying in Melaka, this is the best Cendol in Melaka and all other places I have been to including Penang.

The interesting desert called as Tai Bak which is rarely heard these days. The look of Tai Bak is deceiving as it portray to be non-so special due to its plain colour but the verdict would be, it is tasty. Although I will still prefer the Cendol but this Tai Bak does have its unique blend of taste where the vermicili looking "white cendol" is really delicate and overrall it is not too sweet and the balance of the flavour is just beyond words could describe.

I would recommend you to go there by using the GPS co-ordinates N2 14.804 E102 11.516 as it is really really difficult to find the place for the first time.