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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Post-Chinese New Year 2012 with Bryan Ng Yih Miin and of course, FOOD!!

Isn't this wonderful? It's a scene from
Taiping :) Cold..brrrr..

Well, it's just a few days after Chap Goh Mei.. Awwww, noooooo, CNY is finally over.. Of course, one must have wished that it was longer ea? (Me too..:() Can get more angpau if longer. Hmm, who doesn't want extra angpaus.. If you dont want, pls hand one to Bryan Ng Yih Miin or Adele, thank you :) So how has your CNY been peeps? Fortunately, Bryan Ng Yih Miin and Adele got to collect a few extra angpaus as compared to last year. That was also because of them liking to travel around to relatives house and all. CNY, once a year, it's a get-together event! :) How about Reunion dinner? Bryan Ng Yih Miin had tasted awesome food with family..(steamboat, yummylicious prawns and yadaa yadaa)- making me drools particularly when I'm starving now :D It was indeed a good time at home. Hope you guys did as well. But hey, "Our holidays aren't enough" :( SADNESS, oh yes.

Well, what is next? Bingo! It's a heart, it's a love and it's red.....IT'S VALENTINES!
Yippie aye for those who are in a relationship. For those who haven't, your time will come. In His time :) Already prepared gifts, surprises and stuffs? It may be tough to find a suitable pressie especially if you always give pressies to your gf/bf, no? Well, Bryan Ng Yih Miin is here to talk about food not really about gifts(winks), so, what's new what's hot? The food that Adele loved A LOT!, And of course, Bryan Ng Yih Miin as well..


The Menu
Chicken Teppanyaki

Salmon Teppanyaki

Like ABC? or cendol? :d Let's guess.. But it is indeed nice, DO try it. Bryan Ng Yih Miin enjoys it like he never ate before. Lol.

Reasonable price :D

Teppanyaki is fantabulous! =D Adele would definitely wanna go again. Chicken teppanyaki tastes nice but quite normal as well tho'.. but salmon teppanyaki is super nice as when you eat, you get to taste the sweetness of the fish a little bit. Plus they cook with margarine. And tauge(vege) and rice, it is indeed a filling food! The only food Adele thinks Bryan Ng Yih Miin can say, "FULL!" :D

Happiness is right inside Teppanyaki :)

Well,lads, do try Teppanyaki when you are free to enjoy the delicious and yummilicious food! :D Till the next time :D

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